Senators Urge Guatemala to Process Adoptions

Guatemala Adoption The Love of PatriciaI read a recent article on The Hill about the adoption of children in need from Guatemala by Americans.  It looks like this is an example of politicians actually acting out of empathy just to do what’s right.

There are a great many children in need in Guatemala, and there are scores of Americans who are actively trying to adopt them.  Without going too much into the details as to why there is an issue, it will suffice to say that the Guatemalan government is really letting these kids down.  Some families have seen their cases go unresolved in the Guatemalan court system for up to six years!

Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana and Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri both felt that enough was enough.  They wrote a letter to the foreign affairs minister, appealing that the government make a concerted effort to push these cases through their courts and thereby try and find a suitable home for so many in need.

As we approach the holidays, it made me feel good to see senators working on this.  How wonderful it would be to see movement on this before the year’s end!