Best Travel Destinations in Central America

Tamara HillstromWhen traveling to Central America, there are an overwhelming amount of activities that one could do. Here are a couple of the top priority spots and activities that one should consider when exploring this vast array of countries.

The Panama Canal, first opened in 1914, is 80km long and allows ships to pass from Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. The most popular area to see the canal is at the Miraflores Locks.

Panama and Costa Rica are known for their coffee, and the coffee plantation tour is a great way to see how the beans are gown, picked, and ground.

Panama, Belize, and Honduras all have beautiful coastlines with beautiful coral reefs filled with a variety of colorful fish. This makes scuba diving and snorkeling a very popular endeavor.

Takal in Guatemala is one of the most impressive Mayan ruins in the region. Copán in Honduras and San Andrés in El Salvador follow closely behind.  Pyramids, wall carvings, and ancient columns make for a great historical excursion.

Also in Guatemala, most tourists visit Chichicastenango, which is the largest native market in Central America. This is a great place to assimilate to the native culture of Guatemala and purchase authentic cheap food.

In Honduras, the biggest carnival in Central America, La Cieba, fill the streets with dancing and festive attire. The bars and clubs are filled with the carnival party mindset.

The canopy tours of Central America are a very popular way to see the magnificent rainforest. The canopy tours take you on a zip line through the rainforest where you’ll see a diverse wildlife of jaguars, howler monkeys, tropical birds, and large lizards

La Libertad in El Salvador is home to some of the best surfing in Central America. With a beautiful beach, killer waves, and endless seafood barbeque this spot makes for a great vacation destination

Ometepe Island in Nicaragua is the world’s largest volcanic island in a freshwater lake. The main hub for tourists is in Moyogalpa with an abundance of restaurants and hotels. Also the Cascada San Ramon is a beautiful waterfall that can be reached by an adventurous four-hour hike.

Last but not least, what is sunny Central America without the beaches? Some of the best beaches in Central America include: Playa Manuel Antonio and Playa Samara in Costa Rica, West Bay Beach in Honduras,  Ambergris Caye  and Placencia in Belize, Barra de Santiago in El Salvador, Bocas del Torro in Panama,  San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua,  and Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.